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 Let me start by introducing myself and my family. My name is Claudette Gott, I have been married to my husband Bruce for 30 years. We have two adult children, Triscia and Jared, as well as, our animal children, our dogs Drac, Inu and Shiba.









    My crazy husband & I                    My daughter, Triscia & my son, Jared                 Our 3 Husky's Inu, Shiba & Drac


I've been a childcare provider for 25 years, while my husband has worked for the same company for over 35 years. My daughter's photography & jewelry, has given her the opportunity to showcase her creative side, while she pursues her career in Banking. My son is currently pursuing a career in Civil Engineering.


I enjoy the outdoors, and in New England, there is just not enough warm weather to be able to spend the time I would like out in my gardens. I also enjoy spending time with friends, music, reading, and paper crafting (scrapbooking, card making, etc.), which for me is a great outlet and passion.


Because of my childcare business, we as a family, have been so blessed to have so many wonderful families come into our lives. We've built wonderful friendships with so many of the families, but the best part is seeing the friendships my children still have with the children I cared for when they were little.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of these wonderful young adults home from college, Christmas 2017, the girls came by to surprise me after going out for dinner. These are the special moments, which make me love my job. The two young ladies on the left, Jaden and Ainslie, and the one across everyone's lap, Amanda, attended my childcare when they were little. These three young ladies, my daughter Triscia and my son's girlfriend, Ariana are all friends, you just can't ask for anything sweeter, plus look at those wonderful smiles!







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